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Hey, doesn’t God continue to blow our minds with what He’s doing at NewSpring?!!! And it’s not just the size of the crowds, they’re huge and growing all right, but it’s the size of the CHANGE that’s happening. The stories you guys tell me about the changes you’re making really excite me.

The talk I just brought was called Change Your Crowd, and in it, I posed 10 questions all of us need to ask about the people in our inner circle. I went through them so fast, a lot of you didn’t have time to copy all of them down, so here they are.

10 Questions

1.    Do I do things I woudn’t ordinarily do when I’m with them?
2.    Do I have to keep making excuses to myself and others for them?
3.    Do I feel challenged to become a better person when I’ve been around them?
4.    Am I more critical of others when I hang with them?
5.    Does this person give me a new problem every time I see them?
6.    Does this person play up to my weaknesses  to prove I need them?
7.    Do I ever feel controlled by this friend?
8.    Do I feel pressured to continue the relationship when I really want to let it go?
9.    Am I pressuring friends to stay, when they really want to go?
10.    Does this friend let me talk about my friendship with God?

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  • Chris S says:

    Hey! really enjoying the Change searies! Im listening from Anderson, South Carolina. God is blessing Newspring with a FAR reaching ministry; how amazing and how awesome!

    P.S. What translation do you guys use?

  • merideth says:

    i’m also really enjoying the change series. (we started attending in october – we’re really loving newspring!) i download the podcasts and take notes as i listen (for further study). i have some trouble navigating newspring.org – is there anywhere the message outline is listed? thanks!

  • Rachel says:

    God is so amazing that his message through NewSpring is reaching so far! I love being a part of God’s family!

  • Michael says:

    This post was something I had to print because when I heard it I knew it was something I wanted to pass along to my young daughters in the hope and prayers that it would serve them well.



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