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Trip to Atlanta

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Last weekend I attended an event at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA for Starting Point leaders and directors. The guest speaker for the day was Andy Crouch, who has authored several books discussing faith and culture. In my opinion, it’s a good thing to get away from home and routine from time to time to recharge our batteries and get a fresh perspective.

I definitely left Atlanta encouraged and excited about what God is doing at NewSpring and around the world. While the news is filled with depressing statistics and gloomy predictions, God is busy doing astounding things in the lives of people.

I’m very excited to get back with my current Starting Point and Next Step groups this weekend. By the way, there are currently nine SP and NS groups meeting each weekend at NewSpring. We are scheduled to begin additional groups in March as we continue to create new spaces to meet in.

In just a couple of weeks, on February 14, we will enjoy a great SP Leader Event with Jason Malec. Jason has been on staff at North Point since 2002, but is now helping to start a brand new church in Denver, CO. We are looking forward to a day of insight, inspiration and challenge.

As I watch the years of my life whiz past at an alarming rate of speed, I’m very thankful that God has allowed me to be part of what He is doing with what I have to give. I’m also very thankful for all the forever friends I am making along the way.

What a Phenomenal Weekend!

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I keep thinking I’ve seen what God can do, then he blows my mind again. It was just a little over a year ago that we began to consistently reach the 2000 mark in attendance. In late November of ‘08, we saw 3000 the first time on an ordinary weekend (I don’t know, do we ever have an ordinary weekend?)

Anyway, when we hit 3000, we were in some deep trouble with overcrowding especially in the 11 a.m. service, and I asked who would be willing to move to Saturday night. (The Saturday service was the newest, and there was still room.) Special thanks go out to Kidzworld leaders and team, because in order to make Saturday night a complete service, they stepped up and made sacrifices that were huge.

This last weekend, we had four new things going on. A new series, Change; a new service time for the early service (15 minutes earlier); a whole new Sunday service at 12:30 p.m.; and Clayhouse (our high school experience) moving to coincide with the new service time.

It was great! First of all, thanks to all of you who were willing to move to Saturday night. If you were there, I don ‘t need to say anything. Nearly a thousand people worshipped in the Saturday XL service. That represents at least a doubling of that service. So you can imagine what I was thinking. “Great, 500 people moved from the 11:00 service to Saturday night, now we’ll have more room at 11. Not hardly, we had to bring in chairs. Total attendance for the weekend was almost 3700!

Hey, I’m not being Pollyannaish about this, but I have to tell you what it looks like to me. It seems when we do something bold to make room for more people, God fills up the space with people looking for Him!

And hey, this isn’t just about big numbers, remember every single one of those 3700 people is someone God loved enough to send his son to die for! Many people accepted Jesus this weekend in all of our environments.

To all of you who volunteer, every one who has altered your schedule to help us, you have my heartfelt gratitude. I’m sure Jesus will thank you properly someday! Wonder what God’s cooking up next.

Have a great Tuesday,


This is winter?

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I don’t want to say it too loudly, because I realize that blizzards could be in our near future, but the weather is beautiful! Who would have predicted that the day after Christmas, it would be warm enough (in Kansas) for a game of backyard football?

Jared, Jonathan & Stephen Hoover

Jared, Jonathan & Stephen Hoover

As they were growing up, all three of our sons enjoyed playing a little football outside with their dad. I guess somethings don’t change — well, except the cheerleading section!

Cheyenne Hoover & Ellie Cummins

Cheyenne Hoover & Ellie Cummins

We had a great time of celebration with friends and family — and good weather too!

The Hoover Family

The Hoover Family