360 Weekend

By February 21, 2008 NewSpring One Comment

I know I’m getting a little bit out front on this one because we still have one more weekend in our Silence series, but I’ve just got to tell you what’s coming March 1st and 2nd. It’s 360 Weekend, NewSpring is going global!   Anyone who attends any of our services knows how passionate we are about reaching Wichita and the surrounding area with the love of Jesus, but that’s not enough for us. We’re convinced that God has huge stuff for NewSpring to do literally AROUND THE WORLD!

Actually, we’re already up and running and have been for years. NewSpring helps financially support well over a hundred missionaries in just about every corner of the globe.  But that fact pales in comparison with the bold initiatives we’re about to take on! More to say in the next few days.

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