A Haunting Question

By February 29, 2008 Message Series, NewSpring One Comment

Years ago, a minister was talking to a church about the life-transforming good news about Jesus. How that Jesus died in our place to pay for our sins, opening the way for us to have a personal family relationship with God. And how He arose out of his grave three days later assuring us that we would live forever in Heaven. All of this a totally FREE GIFT. 

Then he jolted them with a question. “Why should anyone hear this good news twice before everyone hears it once?”  Most of us have heard it a lot more than once. Many of us hundreds of times. But did you know that over half the world’s population has never heard about Jesus at all?  What if you or I were one of those three billion people?  Would you want somebody to care enough about you to do something about it? 

360 Weekend starts in a few hours. It’s all about what NewSpring is out to do to change the world. And what you can do individually.  In the Saturday night service, I’m going to be talking about what we’ve been up to for the last four decades. It’ll surprise you when you find out what you’re already getting accomplished. In both Sunday services, I’m going to blow all of our minds with radical ideas about missions that will take all of us where we’ve never been before. I can’t wait to get started. 


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