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As Americans, our future looks very precarious at best in these days of financial disaster, war and spiritual bankruptcy. I hope each Christian will pray fervently for God to guide our leaders — whoever they might be. I also hope that each Christian will carefully consider the issues of today in light of God’s Word as they participate in choosing our leaders for the future. I was recently asked about how to choose a leader as I consider the upcoming election. It was startling to me in that discussion that not only was the matter of faith and conscience considered low on the list for evaluating a candidate, but integrity also seemed to be easily traded for the promise of personal prosperity. We have sunk very low here in the USA. Many times lately I’ve felt a little bit like George Bailey in the popular Christmas Movie, It’s A Wonderful Life. Remember when George is stumbling through “Pottersville,” shocked at the moral decline of his beloved hometown? It was just a bad dream for him, but for us today it is reality.
At Powerlines on Wednesday nights, we’ve been talking about end time events and I want to share a link to an interesting article that was posted today by Joel Rosenberg.
Whatever our future may be here in the United States, I hope we will be found faithful about our Master’s work in these last days.

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  • You probably don’t remember me, but you were one of my teachers in high school at Temple in Fort Worth. 1980’s – haha!
    We (Tim Rollins and formally Shawna Smith) went to a football game there a few weeks ago and spoke to Mrs. Stringer. She told us of your church. How exciting to see great things happening there.
    Enjoy following your blog!
    Many blessings – Shawna

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