GAD was a lot of fun!

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Last weekend was GAD — Greater Andover Days — and NewSpring participated. KidzWorld had some very fun things to offer both during the Saturday parade and after. You can read about that and see pictures on Dan’s blog.

I was also at the parade because Stephen was marching with the Andover High School band. They did an awesome job. It was so unusual to have a day in late September that was very warm — in the upper 80’s I think. I know the band members were very glad to shed their uniforms as soon as they reached the end of the parade route. Because I’m old and like to reminisce, I had to tell Stephen that when I marched in a parade in our high school marching band back in 1973, it was in the 20’s and I froze. Isn’t it hard to believe the weather was so much colder in Texas than in Kansas? One detail though is the parade we marched in was the Stock Show parade and it is always in January. Texas does get cold in January! I also mentioned to him — playing the glad game — that when we marched, we came after the horses — his band was in front of them and for that he should be thankful.

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  • Athena says:

    You’re right, Texas is cold. I’m a born and bred Minnesotan; I lived half my life there. I also lived in Texas for 9 years, and there were times when Texas had been colder than Minnesota. The issue is with the humidity. Minnesota’s humidity in winter is only 30%, so it’s very dry. Texas is very damp, which is why at 40 degrees, Minnesotans wear t-shirts and shorts; and in Texas, they wear parkas.

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