I’m Here!

By February 1, 2008 Next Step 4 Comments

Just responding to some of the comments ….

I do plan to blog on this new site and I’m very excited to share some things with everyone especially in the coming weeks. I am about to leave on a trip with our current Starting Point leaders. We are going to attend some leadership training in Alpharetta, Georgia at Northpoint Community Church. If I don’t forget to pack my camera, I’ll share some of our adventures along the way.

Love you all — thanks for asking for me!

Mary Alice


  • Pat Williams says:

    This is great! A blog AND pictures! Way to go!

  • Mindy says:

    What I meant from my previous comment is that I see pastors picture in the website header but not you with him. Love you both!

  • Leslie Ann says:

    Say Hi to Andy for me if you see him!!!!
    Have a safe and WONDERFUL trip!

  • Linda Cathey says:

    You’re going to Georgia!?! I am so jealous. Take me with you. I have always wanted to visit North Pointe but they don’t have a Saturday night service and my parents love for us to go to their church on Sundays. Have fun is the prettiest place on earth.

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