Looking Forward

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There’s nothing quite like the cool, crisp air to boost my spirit after a couple of rainy days. I am NOT a rainy day person even though I thanked God sincerely for the much needed moisture

As the calendar carries us into the holiday season, I’m committed to pulling out all the stops to make this year a huge celebration at the Hoover house. It’s not possible to retrieve the time lost last year, but we can be very intentional as we celebrate God’s blessings this year!

Among those blessings are all the magnificent things we are experiencing at NewSpring Church. Last weekend we had over 5,400 people and among those, 25 prayed to receive Christ as their personal Savior.

In my area of ministry we will be hosting four Starting Point Orientations this weekend to introduce this amazing opportunity to all of us who are still looking for answers to our questions. Check out NewSpring.org/startingpoint if you are interested.

I’ve heard some excerpts from this week’s message and it will be a life-changer. Take a deep breath, plug in your brightest smile and prepare to be BLESSED!

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