Monday after Easter

By March 24, 2008 NewSpring One Comment

Just sitting down in my office after walking around the campus today reflecting back on Easter.

  • Diane Borg who works in the Next Step Ministries department was going through the decision cards from Easter. She told me that even though she hadn’t gotten through all the cards there were many people who accepted Jesus in the services this weekend, and what really excited her was that there were individuals from all age groups. It never ceases to amaze me how God can take one simple message and speak to so many different people with it. God is Awesome! Can I get a witness on that one?
  • You NewSpringers are incredible! With the rapid growth we’ve been experiencing this year, the team was getting really concerned that especially the 11:00 service wouldn’t be able to handle any more people, so we asked you guys to consider celebrating Easter in the newer, smaller Saturday night service. We thought maybe a few hundred of you might be willing. You guys blew our minds! I was in a counseling appointment leading up to the Saturday service so I had no idea of what was happening until I saw Lance waiting for me outside my office. There was a look of shock on his face as he said, “Man, Mark it looks like Christmas Eve out there.” Your willingness to make that adjustment, made it possible for many guests to attend in the Sunday Services. My heartfelt gratitude!
  • Did you catch Lance’s version of Don Francisco’s song “He’s Alive?” That blew all of us away. The song’s about as old as Lance is, but his updated version was one of the most powerfully meaningful experiences I’ve ever had in my 51 Easters.
  • Kidzworld was awesome as always. Special stuff had been planned on Saturday night to encourage Sunday attendees to move to Saturday, but again expectations were shattered. Childrens pastor, Dan Kubish said than on Saturday, there were about 400% more kids we projected! My thanks goes out to Dan, Debbie, and the team of hundreds of volunteers who make our kids’ ministry the one I wish I’d grown up in.
  • This gives me a chance to thank all of you who volunteered this weekend. You had as much to do with all the lives that were changed as I or Lance, or anyone else did.
  • I can’t say it enough. I SO love what God is doing at NewSpring right now. I’ve never seen anything like it. It has to be God! Nothing else could explain it.


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  • Amy says:

    If we ever make a worship album, Lance and the guys need to put that one on there. I went home after service and tried to find a comparable version on Itunes to no avail! The whole weekend was amazing!

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