Packin’ Slushee

There’s an interesting story posted on the Eagle website this morning. Seems a customer, a guy in his 50’s was in the drive-through at Spangle’s on North Rock, and for some reason, he was unhappy with the way his order was processed. Instead of sharing his complaint with the server at the window he did something that got him in the paper, and evidently caught the interest of the Wichita police. The title of the article reads Unhappy customer throws a fit—and a drink—

That’s right, the guy parked his red truck in the parking lot, walked into the restaurant, and threw his orange slush at the employees. Witnesses say he nearly hit another customer on his way out of the parking lot. It seems the police are looking for the hotheaded slushee hurler.

What’s happening out there? Why are people losing it like this? You would think a guy this old would know better. More importantly, how would you deal with a guy like this if he lived in your family?

That’s why I’m about to start Packin’ Heat.( I don’t mean carrying a gun, it’s the title of my new series.) I honestly believe it’s the series of the year to date. We’re going to look at what’s causing people to be so angry, how to survive in an angry world, also how to deal with anger issues in our own life. It all starts May 31/June 1. I can’t wait. The theme is Old West, and the first message is Last Train Out. It’s going to be huge.

In the meantime, if you see a guy in a red truck with a face to match, winding up with an orange slushee in his hand, don’t forget to duck. Just call 911.



  • Athena says:

    It kind of makes one wonder what’s really going on with this guy. People just don’t explode over petty things. Perhaps this drink was the “last straw” on his camel’s back (often anger is a result of hurt.) Something led up to this because violent behaviour isn’t capricious, there’s always a trigger.

    I have found that just by acknowledging someone’s feelings are enough to calm nearly any situation to the point where two can communicate effectively. If more people did just that, one would discover that the “petty thing” was not the real issue. I wonder how Jesus would have responded if the slushee was thrown at him.

  • Mindy says:

    I learned in social psychology that “anger issues” can be related to testosterone levels. Men and women both have testosterone and when the level is too high, the person (male, usually) starts to find that everyday accidents are purposefull. Interesting fact!

  • Mindy says:

    For example: A man with high testosterone levels walks into a restaurant and another person accidentally bumps into him. He will regard this occurence as a threat and done on purpose.

  • Amy says:

    People get angry about the silliest things. I’m really looking forward to this series!

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