This summer is almost gone — not the hot weather, but summer vacation. Our youngest son, Stephen will be attending band camp this coming week and the following week classes begin. It’s always sad to see summer vacation come to an end even though I’m not in school. I’m also still trying to get used to the fact that my youngest child is starting high school. At my age, four years go by so fast that I’m trying to prepare myself for the empty nest that’s coming all too soon.

As we prepare for this fall, we are very excited to anticipate what God is going to do at NewSpring Church. Even though summer attendance is usually down, the last two weekends we have had over 2,000 and from those two weekends, 15 people have let us know that they prayed to receive Christ. Last weekend, KidzWorld had their highest attendance (472) since Easter and as of last Monday, 103 people have registered to be baptized at Watermark on August 24. Forty-two people have signed up for Discovery Reception where we will introduce our leadership team and ministry opportunities. Discovery is also the place to find out how to become a member of the NewSpring Church family.

This weekend begins a new series and I have gotten some previews, so I can say that you won’t want to miss it. The first message is called “Filing Jointly.” Mark and I were sitting at the lunch table when he was telling me how he was still struggling with the illustration he needed. A minute or two went by and I saw the light come on! God gave him just what he had been asking for. Although I got a small sample, I’m very anxious to hear the whole message this weekend.

I can’t imagine a more exciting life than what God has given me. Even with another summer coming to an end, the best is yet to come!


  • chris stigall says:

    i didnt know how else to contact you, but i am 22 and from Anderson, SC. I wanted to let you know that God has allowed Mark and Newspring’s ministry to reach further than just Kansas! Isnt God amazing!? Im finally just getting a taste of a funtional life in a disfuntional world, and its the sweetest thing i have ever known. Jesus still is the most dynamic and amazing person in existence. How much favor he has given to unworthy people! I believe he’s still in the healing business, and he can perform the miracle of worldwide revival, starting at Newspring! If you ever get a chance, id love to hear from you. God bless you both!

  • Kim says:

    Your picture at the top is awesome. It really convey’s your feelings and relationship. Reminds me of the last hayrack ride…

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