Reflections on Watermark

By August 27, 2008 NewSpring One Comment

I was too wired to write for several days! What an experience! One hundred and sixty-four people went public with their faith in Jesus as thousands watched. If you were there, you don’t need me to write about it, you know what I’m talking about, it was transforming.

And you volunteers… you guys are incredible! To pull off an outdoor service that combined the attendance of three normal services, to assist everyone so that it all flowed seamlessly, and to feed that crowd too (cooking 3600 hot dogs and hamburgers!), and most of all to do it with you guy’s infectious joy… well, words fail me, except to say, you are my heroes!

Kudos go out to the world’s greatest church staff. You worked around the clock getting ready while carrying your normal loads. I’m so proud of all of you.

Let’s talk about weather for a moment. In my last post before watermark, I asked you the following…

Pray for good weather. We’ve had huge crowds the last few weeks, and going from three weekend services to one, we will have more people on our 40 acres at one time than ever before. Especially pray that the land will be dry enough for parking. If the land is too wet, it could get, shall we say, interesting.

You prayed! When I got up Sunday morning, the weather channel showed a huge band of rain heading right for us. Flood warnings were out for multiple counties right around us, and sure enough, as we all got in place at 10:30 the rain was rolling in. A few drops fell on us, but then the most awesome thing happened… it was as if God just held it back with his hand. Several times, I looked out across the expressway only to see it raining on the other side. One guy who was watching the radar said that the rain was like a horseshoe around us. We sailed right through the whole morning dry (except for those who were baptized.)

Normally, I wouldn’t think much of this kind of thing, but about ten different people told me independently that when we were closing the service, right over the soundstage, the clouds looked like two huge wings. I don’t get off on that kind of thing much, but this time it gave me chill bumps. No doubt about it, God did some incredible stuff.

Here’s the main deal… NewSpring Church is all about helping people who don’t know Jesus get to know Him. We’re not into religion, we’re not into politics, we’re not into drawing disgruntled church people from their church into ours. We’re about one thing…life change through the power of the living Son of God. We’re getting to watch it happen at an incredible pace. But here’s the best part… I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet! Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be mind-blowing!


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  • Barbara Hotalen says:

    My husband and I were discussing the service on the way home and we both agreed that this service was the highlight of all the services that we have attended here at NewSpring and that is saying a lot because we have been members of this church for many years.

    We both enjoyed hearing the testimonies and seeing changed lives.

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