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Good morning NewSpring!

I’m so excited about our new series that begins this weekend. It’s called Say Yes! It’s all about living confidently in a scared-to-death world. I was just watching a business channel this morning, and the expert talking heads were bemoaning that they really had no idea where to invest with certainty. And it’s not just on Wall Street; the paralysis has trickled down to Main Street as well. People don’t know whether to spend or save, buy or sell, change jobs or stay put. It’s just too fuzzy out there.

Hey, did you know there’s no downturn in Heaven? God’s not hung up until stimulus bill money gets released. He’s still looking for people to bless. Take a look at one of my favorite verses in the Bible.

2 Chronicles 16:9 NLT

9 The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

This weekend we start talking about four impulses it’s totally safe to say, “Yes” to. I’m so ready to get started!

Just one more thing. Would you be open to helping me craft this series? I’d love to get some of your stories about how you’ve said “Yes” in the past to these impulses. This weekend’s talk is, “Say Yes to Generosity.” Do you have a story to tell about a time when you stepped up to the plate and were generous? I’d love to read it. We’re opening a spot on our Facebook page where you can share your stories. To get to our page, just go to our website at and look on the home page for the Facebook icon. Thanks for your help!

Have a great Tuesday!



  • Jamie Luallen says:

    Hello Mark, My name is Jamie and I am a hair stylist, I say yes to God all the time. He has me giving and giving so much that my husband wonders just how I pay my salon bills, lol. My best friend gave me a book right before I opened my salon and it was called The Go Giver. I read it in several days and really loved it! There were many great lessons in it, but there were a couple great sentences that impact me still today. There was a woman that was famous for her roasted coffee, and with that came wealth. But the most important thing about her was that she looked at her business as a way to share her famous coffee with everyone. The impact was to share, with sharing came giving and both will give back!
    In my salon I have an opportunity to talk and share with many; I know it is my gift to be able to be a lean on in many people’s lives. I do change them on the outside but what I try and focus on is impacting them on the inside more. By showering them with my positivety and encouragement they have said yes too many things they may not have ever even considered. I must say that since I have been coming to New Spring I have a better sense of my self than I have ever before. I have said yes to so many things that I might not have even tried, thanks to your messages I am living every day knowing where I am going. This is such a gift I just want to share it with everyone, and I do.

  • Jill Gottschalk says:

    Hello Mark, We need to remember to always show our thanks for generosity, too. Lisa is our daughter-‘in love’-with our son,and she always writes ‘hand written’ thank you notes and words of praise when people show her generosity. She includes details of how it made her feel and her favorite bible verses. Recently she told me of a co-worker of hers that was having a lot of problems in her life; her husband had lost his job, her son had died in a car accident, and she was feeling so down and she was ready to give up, she had not shared the way she was feeling with anyone and continued to work at her job, trying to go on, but it was taking it’s toll on her health and she missed several days of work. Lisa had written her coworker a note thanking her for working with her, for her support and help with her recent workload. Also reminding her how much God loves us, he will always be there for us no matter what and to know that she was wonderful. About a week later, when her co-worker returned to work, she shared with everyone at a meeting that she had recevied a note of encouragement and it meant the world to her. She then told Lisa that it was because of her note, that encouraged her so much, she deceided to return to work and not give up. Because she was truly ready to give up….

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