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Have you checked out In case this is the first time you’ve heard of it , it’s a website we’ve launched in preparation for the Silence series which starts this weekend. People have been invited to share their stories about crisis times when it felt like God was silent. I’ve been totally blown away by what I’ve read. No doubt about it, it really rocks our spiritual equilibrium when life collapses, and we can’t seem to locate God.

I’m going to really let down my guard right now, and let you in on something. A month ago I wasn’t looking forward to this series. You know how I’m always saying the next series is the most important one I’ve ever done? I really mean that when I say it, but I wasn’t pumped up about this one. I knew I needed to take the issue head on, but I didn’t really want to. Here’s the part I hate to admit. When I planned the year I just allocated three weekends for it instead of the usual five, because I didn’t want to get trapped in a long treatment of material I knew was needed but wasn’t excited about.

But two things happened. First, I got really engaged and started serious prepping by looking at the topic in the Bible. It blew me away to see how many great men and women felt that God was silent, and made it known in no uncertain terms. I also began to see a clear pattern of how they successfully navigated through their crises. What I learned is HUGE! The second thing that happened, was I read every day. Many times what I read drove me back to the Bible again for more clarity.

Bottom line. I now have about ten weekends of material I have to cram into three! I’m more excited about Silence than any series I’ve ever tackled. Here’s my promise to you. No trite answers. No saccharine solutions. No goofy sayings. Just taking on some of life’s toughest questions in total integrity and academic honesty.

This is going to be awesome!



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