Spiritual Warfare

By April 23, 2008 Family, NewSpring 2 Comments

Sorry I’ve been slow posting, but these last few days have been really challenging. Do you believe in spiritual warfare? I do. I know it’s real because it has a particular quality to it. I make that distinction because life always has its challenges, and I don’t want to get to the place where I think there’s a demon behind every tree. But when you’re under attack you know it. It’s not just normal run of the mill “having a bad hair day” kind of stuff.

Three weekends ago, I brought the second installment of the “How Life Works” series, and we wound up talking about Satan and how he subtracts from us. We stripped his disguise off, and showed him for what he was. It wasn’t a talk I enjoyed, but the response was deafening. God worked at NewSpring in a way that surprised the daylights out of me. I couldn’t believe the excitement that weekend as I heard from so many people who woke up to what was really going on, and determined that the thief was through carrying off their valuables.

I think I knew it was coming. I’ve learned that when the Enemy is exposed and precious lives are wrestled out of his clutches he doesn’t take it lying down.  Soon after that, stuff just began happening. Especially heath issues in my family. Hey, I’m quick to make the point that health issues aren’t always an attack of Satan, but these were just too obvious. It was like they pancaked on top of us.

Could I tell you something? I’m totally excited about what’s coming next. There have been many times of desperate prayer, which I’m sure, served to deepen my walk with God. (By the way, if I was the devil the thing that would make me mad as, well, you know where, is that when he sets out to damage God’s child, and that child runs to the Father, all Satan succeeds in doing is making that Christ-follower more dangerous to the powers of darkness.

I don’t profess to be spiritually strong. I don’t enjoy these battles. If it were up to me, I’d bypass every one. But experience has taught me this. If I don’t cave, if I don’t capitulate, If I don’t get mad at God and check out, even if I emerge from the struggle pretty well torn up, on the other side of the attack is SOME KIND OF HUGE PRIZE. And just as the attack has a kind of peculiar quality to it, the prize has God’s clear signature on it as well. If you’re feeling under attack today, remember, Jesus has already triumphed!

I believe!


  • Melissa says:

    Thank you Pastor. It is sometimes difficult to see the good, especially when it is a family member but the only reasonable and sane thing to do IS to focus on the goodness of God. Psalm 91 was part of the Odyssey 08 reading for today and was very timely in speaking of God as our refuge and place of safety. Strength of faith comes from continuing to praise God during the difficult times. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

    We are praying for your family.

  • Athena says:

    I believe. After all, God and Satan have been going at it long before we showed up. Although we are now caught in the middle, we’ve been provided the most powerful weapon – prayer. Once activated, God takes over. Since I read your message yesterday, I’ve been activating mine (if need be, I can set for rapid fire – just give me the word.)

    Many churches don’t talk about the spiritual world, which is sad because it leaves us vulnerable to our society which IS caught up in the dark side of it. Mark, you were right to open that door; the response from the people proved that. Even the attack on you is proof you are on the right track.

    Your attitude towards your attack is encouraging, for it’s not easy to see the other side when one is shrouded in darkness. An attitude like yours must be irritating the Enemy to no end. He may not be done with you yet, but no matter what happens, we (your family in Christ) will stand with you (not behind you – by you). We just need to keep in mind that one can’t mess with the sheep for long without getting the shepard upset. And you know shepards, they walk softly and carry big sticks – and our guy has 3 nails in His!

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