Texas Our Texas

If you’re not from Texas, the title probably doesn’t ring a bell, but growing up in Texas, we sang a song by the title Texas Our Texas. It just popped into my mind this morning as I’m sitting here at Panera enjoying a cup of coffee. Mark and I have been talking about the conference he just spoke at earlier in the week. It is a joy for me to see how God is using NewSpring and Mark to encourage and inspire other pastors around the country to take a fresh new look at what God is doing through His church today and how we can all be a part of it.

Later today, I’ll be taking notes for Mark in another meeting. It’s great to be here! But, we’ll be glad to get back home shortly. We are Kansans now, even though Texas still calls to us sometimes.

We’re also talking about Easter weekend coming up. It’s very exciting to anticipate what God is going to do at NewSpring this Easter!

Mary Alice

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  • Amy says:

    Texas, our Texas! All hail the mighty state! We used to sing it in the car every time we crossed over the Texas line. Have a safe trip!

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