It was a couple of weeks ago that we discovered her presence. Our little dog, Fred was going outside first thing in the morning as is his custom and I was startled to hear a lot of commotion outside. When I looked through the front window, I saw a duck with her wings fully spread flying straight out from our house and little Fred running out ahead with terror on his face.

Apparently, Fred had inadvertently discovered a mama duck sitting on her nest right in our front flower bed. She must have felt safe up against the house, but she was also very visible to us as we have a large window right over that bed. As I looked down at the nest she had flown from I discovered four eggs carefully arranged and cushioned with a bed of feathers and other nesting materials. When mama duck felt safe again, she came back to the nest and I have been watching each day and waiting for that big moment.

During the last few weeks, she has endured some difficult weather. When hail came our way, I watched as she sat there with hailstones landing right on top of her, never leaving the nest. She stayed through cold nights and long days. I had to wonder when she ever got a break. How did she eat?

Then a couple of days ago, I glanced down as I was going by the window. There they were! The ducklings had arrived! I grabbed my camera and tried to get a couple of shots of the ducklings who were waddling around the nest. As soon as mama duck spotted me, she had them all come back into the nest under the safety of her wings. I did get one shot that shows the watchful eye of the mama and one of the little ones.

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  • Mindy says:

    What a blessing! I would loved to have seen Fred’s face when he came running toward your house. Priceless I’m guessing.

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