Unexpected guest at the door

By November 9, 2008 Family One Comment

Our little dog, Fred having now recovered from his frightening experience with the ducks last spring, has now settled into a regular routine. He goes out the front door for short breaks and when he’s ready to come back in, he sits in front of the sidelight window beside the front door. He sits patiently, peering in as he waits for the door to be opened to allow him back inside.

A couple of nights ago, I was about to let Fred out for a break, but as I stepped toward the front door, I thought I saw a little animal sitting in front of that side window by the front door. As I got closer, I could see that a very small, but brave and hopeful little mouse was standing (not sitting) on the ledge of the side window. His little pointed nose was held high and his tail stretched out behind him, as if he were imitating the dog he saw standing there many times each day. Maybe he was hopeful that I would open the door and let him in just as I did for Fred.

On the other hand, maybe he had observed the neighborhood kids receiving candy when they came to the door a few nights ago. In any event, I was very curious what would cause this little otherwise shy animal to be brave enough to step up to the front door.

Even when I came up to the door with Fred beside me looking out, the mouse seemed unafraid and stood there expectantly. After a couple of minutes, I tapped on the window and he scampered away, but I’ll not soon forget our little unexpected visitor.

One Comment

  • Linda Cathey says:

    On my flight home from GA last night, I saw something you need in the Skymall catalogue. It is a little key you put on Fred’s collar. When he comes up to your door, the key on his collar makes the doorbell ring. That way you’ll know it is Fred you are letting in and not one of his little furry friends.

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