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I’m so fired up I can’t stand it!  This afternoon, I walked over to the site where Watermark is going to happen. Fantastic! The pool is already in the ground, filled up with water and ready to go. (Special thanks to Tim Weddington for building the pool for us, it’s perfect.)  The soundstage and landscaping are in place, and the tents are up. Over 160 people are ready to “go public” with their faith and celebrate believer’s baptism.

Just a few thoughts…

  • Pray for good weather. We’ve had huge crowds the last few weeks, and going from three weekend services to one, we will have more people on our 40 acres at one time than ever before. Especially pray that the land will be dry enough for parking.  If the land is too wet, it could get, shall we say, interesting.
  • Pray for those who are preparing to take the step of baptism. I’m sure Satan will throw all kinds of junk in their path to make things difficult and distract them from their goal.
  • Pray for the hundreds of people who will be invited this weekend.
  • Don’t forget to bring chairs for yourself and your family, and a few extras if you have them.  Special rewards in Heaven are yours if you bring extra chairs. (No proof on this last part)
  • 10:30… 10:30…10:30… 10:30… 10:30 (It would be a good idea to get there early. You know what parking is like with multiple worship services, imagine only one.) It’ll give you time to check things out, and get situated.
  • Get ready for a life-changing experience. I just talked with a friend who was baptized in a similar service as I was. In a traditional church, on Sunday night, in front of a few faithful people. Nothing wrong with that. But just imagine how it would be to have thousands of people, outside on a beautiful Kansas morning, cheering as you celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ by baptism. Those who will be baptized will never be the same. I don’t think I will be either.



  • Larry Walty says:

    Pastor it was very nice for my wife and I to get to meet you today. Since October of 07 we have been truly blessed to be a part of Newspring. God has definately given you some great messages to deliver and they have helped so much in keeping us focused. Packing Heat was awesome by the way. It was awesome to see so many people today supporting those who chose to be baptized. Hope to see you around the neigborhood and take care

    Larry Walty

  • Gail Jordan says:

    Oh happy day…What a day it was! To be a part of Watermark was an experience that will never leave me and as Pastor Mark said…I will never be the same. I was also blessed to have family from Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas be here to witness my baptism and be a part of a wonderful day! My thanks to Newspring staff for awesome planning and execution of an amazing event. Can’t wait till Sunday!

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